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You’re probably wondering how much a Scoreboard costs for a youth sports complex and how the process works. We hope you’re sitting down because our scoreboards/video screens are provided at NO COST to the complex! In fact, you’ll actually reap the benefits with added advertising revenue and community pride. Plus game officials, parents, players, and spectators appreciate the added ability to check game stats every few seconds just with a glance at the boards.

Still skeptical? Allow us to lay it all out…

Proceeds to cover the cost of the installation are generated through the sale of sponsorships to local and regional businesses.

Once the investment is recouped the complex will receive a percentage of the net profit each year.

it's a homerun

As for guidelines, we have a few…

Not sure of your attendance number? Contact us for a trusty formula. 

At this time we can be found in 14 communities with over 101 video boards and growing! Are you ready to join our team and change the game in your sports complex for the better? 

Youth Scoreboards: Oklahoma Markets

Greater Tulsa Area

Bartlesville 8

Bixby 12

Broken Arrow 10

Collinsville 4

Durant 4

La Fortune 7

Muskogee 6

Owasso 7

Subtotal 58

Greater OKC Area

Chickasha 6

Choctaw 8

Moore 10

Mustang 6

Norman 2

Subtotal 32

Coming in 2022

Ardmore 8

Norman 4

Subtotal 12

Total Oklahoma Markets 102

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