Youth Scoreboards is changing the game.

Our state-of-the-art video boards bring together the community and local businesses to create an atmosphere of success!

How we do it?

Youth Scoreboards is changing the game by placing a focused audience in front of advertisers, bringing additional revenue to community complexes, and transforming the basic community field into a ballpark where the players become stars!

We do all of this with one key improvement…installing state-of-the-art video boards and scoreboard in each ballfield.

A Partnership with Youth Scoreboards Provides the Potential to:

A Company with a Heart

Founders Coach Barry Switzer and Mike Henry understand the value of youth sports and the importance of growing a business. They also understand the significance of scorekeeping and the headache it can cause parents, coaches, and players without it. Youth Scoreboards helps local businesses grow all while making parents, coaches, and kiddos happy! 

It goes beyond the board. As a community we can work together to improve retention in youth sports and build pride in local communities.

The installations make one small improvement on the field in comparison to the BIG impact they have in the lives of your players, the life of your complex, and the life of your community.

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“Keeping kids in sports, on the fields, & off their phones”
- Coach Barry Switzer

Bringing More to the Game

You’re probably wondering how all of this works. It’s actually quite an amazing process. State-of-the-art digital video boards AND scoreboards are provided at NO COST to each sports complex! Youth Scoreboards, LLC provides the boards and the opportunity for local businesses to advertise to more than 70,000 people per install. Each complex participates in revenue share once the initial investment is recouped. The sports complex gains equipment, advertisers gain exposure, spectators gain an experience, and the kids gain support. The young players are the true superstars! 

“It’s awesome being on a field with videos playing, it's like I’m at the Dodgers Stadium!”
-Nico age 7

If you’re a sports complex looking to add value to your park, the steps to make it happen are easy:

foam hand

Step 1:

Fill out our online application and one of our team members will contact you.


Step 2:

Sit back while we take care of municipal approvals & installation logistics.

score board

Step 3:


Why you should get involved now

You don’t want to miss out on all the GROWTH that can happen with Youth Scoreboards. 

Are You A Business Owner Looking For Ways To Grow? Our Video Boards Are A No-brainer!

We’ve made it easy for you to get started in these 3 steps:

Step 1:

Fill out our online advertising form.

Step 2:

Select a plan & either provide artwork or work with our talented graphic designers.

Step 3:

Gain business exposure & GROW!

Why advertise with us?

When you put your ad in front of a captive audience of fans constantly checking the scoreboard every few seconds, your message will BE SEEN. Plus, did you know that attendance in youth baseball is greater than the NFL, NCAAF, and the MLB COMBINED?!

NFL Attendance
NCAAF Attendance
MLB Attendance
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Youth Sports

Sources: ESPN, NCAA, MLB 

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